The Journey
Life Lessons

Dear Audience

Dear Audience, I’ve been thinking a lot about the vision for my life. I believe that vision helps you to stay focus of things that matter more than trying to stay trending. Here’s the thing, I’m not someone who cares to be trending. I don’t care to be well known for building this empire when […]

Here’s what happened…

Hey! I’ve been gone for so long that I feel like I need to introduce myself. I’m Alie. 30 minutes ago I was having a hard time trying to write an IG bio about what I do and what AlieUnscripted is about. I do know my purpose but geez, how do they expect us to […]

Dear Silent One, Why Don’t You Speak?

Dear Silent One, Do you watch the news? Have you seen what’s been happening? Another beautiful soul has just left this earth. His name is George Floyd. It was not his time and it was not his fault. Silent one, we need you. We need you to understand the power of your voice. You, silent […]