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Here’s what happened…

Hey! I’ve been gone for so long that I feel like I need to introduce myself. I’m Alie. 30 minutes ago I was having a hard time trying to write an IG bio about what I do and what AlieUnscripted is about. I do know my purpose but geez, how do they expect us to […]

Sundays. Friendships. Road-trips.

So, I want to switch things up a bit. I want to freestyle write straight on my blog. I’m already starting to like it. 🙂 I live in the Bahamas, it will always be my home. Today is Sunday, a quiet slow day with little noise in my neighborhood. Believe it or not, I don’t […]

Real Talk ‘Bout My Finances

Heyyyy-looo beautiful people! Yo, I can’t believe it is 2020. I hope that you guys are just as excited as I am writing this post. I honestly feel like I am writing a letter to someone special (well I am, hehe). You are sooo special. I am back on the horse of blogging and I […]