Dear Silent One, Why Don’t You Speak?

Dear Silent One,

Do you watch the news? Have you seen what’s been happening?

Another beautiful soul has just left this earth. His name is George Floyd. It was not his time and it was not his fault.

Silent one, we need you. We need you to understand the power of your voice. You, silent one, are significant. I say this from the belief that we are all intricately made; whether you believe in the big bang or creation, if you are a free spirited or a conservative. Whether you are black or white, homosexual or heterasexual, male or female.

Silent one, we all are different; unique and important to society. We all have the power to give life and to take it away, not just with our hands but with our words. We can tear down someone and push them to the point of suicide. We, Silent One, also have the power to show them beauty. Their beauty, God’s beauty and the world’s beauty.

We can stand up, right where we are. We can speak up, right where we are.

Who told you that lie you just thought?

You do have power. You can make a difference.

Oh, silent one. Today you are renamed to bravery, to strong, to conqueror. I speak to your identity and I say you are the head and not the tail. I speak to your soul and I say you shall live and not die. I speak to the child in you and say you are here for a purpose.

Right now, with my tongue and my bravery and with God’s power and God’s authority, I declare every lie that has ever been spoken to you is now broken. I declare you open your mouth and you will ask for help. I declare you open your mouth and you will speak life. I declare you open your mouth and you know that Heaven backs you. I said it and it is so.

You are no longer silent.

You will speak. You will fight. You will accomplish your dreams.

And you, Courageous one, will do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

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