The Journey
Life Lessons

Sundays. Friendships. Road-trips.

So, I want to switch things up a bit. I want to freestyle write straight on my blog. I’m already starting to like it. 🙂 I live in the Bahamas, it will always be my home. Today is Sunday, a quiet slow day with little noise in my neighborhood. Believe it or not, I don’t […]

Real Talk ‘Bout My Finances

Heyyyy-looo beautiful people! Yo, I can’t believe it is 2020. I hope that you guys are just as excited as I am writing this post. I honestly feel like I am writing a letter to someone special (well I am, hehe). You are sooo special. I am back on the horse of blogging and I […]

Hotlines/Chatrooms for Suicide, Bullying, Abuse, and Just Need to Talk(International Included)

Suicide Prevention Lifeline  Free Suicide Confidential Chatroom (24/7, including holidays) They serve: International(Chatroom), U.S., Veterans, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Disaster Distress. Tip for International persons: If you are an international person use, “00000” for your zip code. Press “Chat with Lifeline” in the “National Suicide Prevention Lifeline” box. Please visit website to use chatroom: […]

Sad At A Kids Party. Wounded Cycles.

Our hurt is individual. When I say this, I mean that our stories can not be compared to anyone’s else. No one in the world can EVER walk in your shoe. No one will EVER know what’s it’s like to be you and experience what you experience.

We are individuals; we think differently, we process different, we heal differently.

Dear Papa.

I believe now that sometimes we just gotta jump in faith and trust what you say the first time. This doesn’t mean to be rash in thinking but it does mean that I have to discern your voice and “just do it” 🙂